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Safety Regulations



The chapter TG PLAY! of Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.  does everything in it´s power to meet and comply to the German national health regulations in regards to hosting events.


In order to play tabletop games in the most fun, safe and responsible way we adhere to the guidelines as issued by the German Ministry of Health.


In order to prevent players getting infected:

• Do not attend the event when you’re suffering from the following ailments: cold-like symptoms (such as a cold, a runny nose, sneezing or a 

   sore throat), coughing, shortness of breath or pneumonia, a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, a sudden loss of smell or taste (without 

   suffering from a blocked nose)

• Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible. There will be designated areas to disinfect your hands in the area.

• Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.

• Only use paper tissues to blow your nose and throw these away after use.

• Never shake hands.

• Never touch other people’s dice or models.

• Always keep 1,5 meters (at least two arms lengths) distance from other people. Playing areas are separated from each other in order to make  

  keeping your distance easier on everybody. Please take a look at the table layout below.

• Playing tables are always be at least 2 meters from other tables.

• The wearing of facemasks is obliged at any point in time.  Alternatively you can wear a faceshield. TG PLAY! will supply you with a facemasks

   for every player, but you're encouraged to bring your own as well. We will also provide 50 faceshields which we give away on request 

   especially for players with health issues that disallow wearing a facemask and for those who feel uncomfortable with wearing a facemask all

   day. When you are not sitting at your assigned gaming-table and both players agree to not wear a facemask they can do so, but getting off

   your chair means that wearing the facemask is mandatory!

• If a player feels uncomfortable with his opponent not wearing a facemask/faceshield at the table, the opponent has to respect the wish of the

   player and wearing a facemask is mandatory for both players during this game!

• We strongly recommend to use the "Corona Warn App" during the event to improve the safety of all participants.

• TG PLAY! reserves the right to send players home when they show any symptoms as described above or when visitors do not uphold their end 

   of these regulations. For full access to the respective regulations in effect for any activities and events of Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V., 

   we strongly recommend to visit and read the relevant documents before you enter the facilities.

Note: these rules might still change and we will inform players during registration if there are any changes to what is written here! Especially

   when the 7-days-incidence hits 35/100.000 or 50/100.000 the rules will most likely change. Click HERE for news regarding Corona in the city of 



the TG PLAY! team


Below you'll find the venue lay-out for the GTC 2020 on October 17th and 18th. With the proper separation of the tables, we have sufficient space to maintain the 1,5 meter distance between tables and players.




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