FUN! It´s happening and coming up with three things that are long overdue :)

1. Tabletop is coming home. We are doing an event at the legendary gym in Herford. Like in the old days!

2. BULA is back! Clash of Teams from different regions in Germany - this time with an international twist.

3. Finally an event with a deep hobby-focus in Germany. Muster your forces and torture your brushes for the Hobby Score!


With our Bundeslandmeisterschaften we hope to bring back the oldschool feeling of the beloved events like TGH-Teamcup/ETC-Warmup/WTC in Herford and catching up with the sense of the long lost BULA that used to happen in a gym back in the days in Haltern.


More important even: we want to give the event a hobby focus by implementing a Hobby Score that covers roughly 1/3 of the Victory Points. The inclusion of hobbyists that prefer painting/modelling over serious tournament games (but still are interested in playing tournaments occasionally) for us is key to revive parts of the community that might still play in their basements, but do not travel for events due to the constant "evolution" of the scene towards a highly competetive spirit. Our event is meant to cater the broadest possible audience among our community while explicitly looking for a FUN EVENT that is not taking itself too serious!


We would love to have as many Bundesland-Teams as possible at our event, but decided to open it up for international teams as well (which will not be able to claim the titel "Bundeslandmeister"). Early commitment and fast registration among the national community will be the decisive factor of we will have a true BULA or a rather small one with a bigger chunk of international teams.


We are really looking forward to some unforgettable venture back to where tabletop belongs: Herford!


See you all very soon :)



Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.

Waldfriedenstr. 62

32049 Herford



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