• 06.-07.04.2024
  • Sportpark Waldfrieden, Waldfriedenstr. 62, 32049 Herford
  • 150 players, 30 teams, teams of 5
  • 325€ per team (TG PLAY members -20€ each)
  • Breakfast, lunch & drinks included
  • Overnight stay possible for free at the venue (Friday to Sunday)
  • fully painted armies are mandatory (min. level 4 according to the official T9A Tournament Pack)
  • Sports shoes or slippers must be worn in the gym!


  • 5 Rounds (Swiss Draw, first round according to total Team-NR-ELO on 03.04.2024)
  • Swiss Pairing System (SPS)
  • 3750 points,  general duplication limit of 0-2 Units/Army (unless 0-1 Units/Army given already)
  • all Supplementary Army Books and the Giants-Supplement are allowed
  • 5 custom Maps per Row (all Rows are identical)
  • Army-list-submission deadline: 03.04.2024 20:00CET. Lists will be published at the start of the event!
  • Rules-freeze: 24h before list-submission-deadline


  • No duplication limits for factions per team
  • Every army list requires the "Role" (according to SPS) to be submitted as part of the list! All five "Roles" according to SPS have to be present on every team
  • Teams need to represent a certain region. Internationals may represent their country, but can not compete for the trophy "Bundeslandmeister". German teams need to represent their "Bundesland". One "Mercenary" per Bundesland-team is allowed (exceptions might be granted on request for certrain regions that have a very small player base). All other players in national teams need to have their current main-residence in the respective Bundesland. Note: we expect fairness and sportsmanship/honesty and will apply the rule of trust regarding team assembly.


  • Gaming-Score: max. 325p Round Results total (VP after Cap)
  • Hobby-Score: max. 225p


  •  the latest official T9A Tournament Rules Pack will be in use during the event. All changes to the pack can be seen on this page, which takes precedence over any Rules Pack or Armybook/Rulebook.






Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.

Waldfriedenstr. 62

32049 Herford



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