Burning Brush

Alongside to the GTC we will run a separate Painting Competition (outside the Best Painted Army and the Best Painted Team awards).

The Painting Competition "Burning Brush" includes three different categories:


Any piece of art recognizeable as related to T9A. Can be fully painted armies, dioramas, drawings etc. The piece of art cannot be the same model/regiment submitted for the other two categories!)


Single Model

Any single model (single base) of a model which would be valid and playable at the GTC.



Any unit (minimum 3 models, units has to come in minimum size according to the Army Book) which would be valid and playable at the GTC. Note: unit trays are mandatory for a valid submission for this contest.





  • none of the submissions can be part of actual armies/units played at the GTC, since the submissions will be on display during the games!
  • each category will be awarded with a separate trophy for the winners
  • winners will be determined by public vote among all visitors of the event (2/3) and a jury vote (1/3)


To apply for the Painting competition please send an e-mail until 16.09.2024 to tabletop@tgherford.de that includes the following information:

  • the category you apply for (please send separate mails if you want to apply for more than one category!)
  • your full name
  • the name (can be a nickname) that can be on display next to your art
  • your age (note: submissions of children are VERY WELCOME!)
  • phone number
  • a picture/pictures of your submission

Shortly after submission you will receive a confirmation if the jury accepts your application (note: applications will only be refused in case the submission does not match minimal standards the jury expects for such competition).


It´s possible to apply even if you cannt be on site yourself. In this case you have to ensure that some other participants takes care to bring your submission, sets it up and takes it back home. We do not accept shipped submissions!

In case of questions or doubts feel free to contact the jury via tabletop@tgherford.de.

Happy painting!




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