For the GTCs 40k 2023 we will exclusively use Battle Ready Terrain by Squad-Marks!

  1. per 8 tables we will provide 8 different setups with 4 different themes (each theme used twice per row).
  2. For 8-player events all rows of 8 tables will be identical. For 4-player events two different rows of 4 tables will be set up repeatedly. For Singles 8 differenttables will be set up repeatedly.
  3. at least 10 weeks before the event we will provide a full terrain-/map-pack with the exact setup of every terrain piece.
  4. to ensure the highest standards for terrain-setup our maps for 40k will use current terrain setups from major international team events.


For the GTC we will use gaming mats with dimensions of exactly 60"x44" fitting the 4 different terrain-themes. The mats have been designed to be used at GTCs exclusively to ensure the best gaming experience!



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