What the HOTEL offers = 80€ per participant

  • a premium location
  • stable gaming-tables
  • coffee, tea and biscuits in the banquet foyer
  • unlimited soft drinks
  • lunch between 12:00 and 14:00 at the restaurant: 3-course lunch buffet with a soup of the day, Salad and starters, two main courses to choose from, dessert and coffee, tea, table water
  • WIFI access


What the TO offers = 20€ per participant

  • standardized terrain and play mats
  • trophies for the podium teams and best painted
  • goodies/giveaways
  • result-submitting-terminal
  • a Discord-server for communication/questions
  • competent referees
  • a well thought out rules pack
  • an experienced TO-team


The Total (excluding overnight stay)

100€ per participant (players/captains/coaches/guests)



Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.

Waldfriedenstr. 62

32049 Herford




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