• 16.11.2024
  • Sportpark Waldfrieden, Waldfriedenstr. 64, 32049 Herford
  • 32 players
  • 32€ per player (TG PLAY members 25€)
  • Lunch & drinks included
  • Fully painted and based armies are mandatory 
  • T3 Link
  • BCP Link


What you need to bring 


  • The latest Warhammer 40.000 Core Rules, your up to date Codex / Index (digital versions approved)
  • Dice, tokens and a tape measure
  • At least one printed copy of your Army List per tournament game
  • Your painted and assembled army
  • Tokens for lasting effects (like oath of moment)


Army Composition


All participants’ armies must be composed in accordance with the rules:

  • 10th edition, 2023 Leviatan Grand Tournament Mission Pack (or latest release)
  • 2000 points Strikeforce armies
  • Forgeworld units are allowed
  • Legends units may not be used
  • Codices that have not received an official FAQ by the list submission deadline cannot be played




What You See Is What You Get


To accommodate the players we have composed some guidelines regarding WYSIWYG:

  • Models must be mounted on the appropriate base sizes.
  • Models  should represent the appropriate army, or at least not be easily mistaken for another army.
  • Models should represent the appropriate height of the official model or at least be of similar dimension to ensure the player cannot be accused of “modelling for advantage”.
  • Models should represent the appropriate weapon option (in case of multiple weapon options) according to the Army List.
  • Wargear should be represented by the appropriate models


Finishing the Game


The TO will make sure to have a clear visual countdown of the allowed time per game. You should not start a new battle round unless you are sure that both players will be able to finish their entire turn, to ensure that both players get an equal number of turns.


After you have played the full five battle rounds, or the time limit has almost been reached (whichever comes first), it is time to determine the winner. Determine who has achieved any objectives before removing any units. 


For individual games:

VP-Difference | Game Points Player A | Game Points Player B
0-5 10 10
6-10 11 9
11-15 12 8
16-20 13 7
21-25 14 6
26-30 15 5
31-35 16 4
36-40 17 3
41-45 18 2
46-50 19 1
51+ 20 0


After calculating the scores, submit them via BCP and have a deserved break!





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Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.

Waldfriedenstr. 62

32049 Herford



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