Hobby Score

Painting and Basing Minimal Standard

Each miniature must be completely assembled and affixed to a base of the correct size. The minimum standard of painting is Level 4 of the T9A Tournament Rules Pack. The bases have to be textured and painted. Any miniature that does not meet these criteria will be removed for all games, and its points will automatically be given to the opponent, as if they had been destroyed during the game.


Movement Trays

As per the T9A Tournament Pack, movement trays are mandatory for units of 2 or more models.



Armies must adhere to the WYFIWYG Rules of the T9A Tournament Pack.


Painting Score

For this tournament, we want to focus more on the painting and modeling part of the hobby. Since the French Inter-Regionals have done this kind of hobby focus successfully for years, we are confident that something like this can also be achieved and appreciated in Germany. Each player can generate up to 30 points for painting, modeling, and the overall look of his or her army. Below, you find the scale that will be used for grading.


Technical Rating

  • Assemblies: clean gluing, deburring (1 point)
  • Bases: clean, smooth and painted edges, textures, tufts, and/or sculpting, coherency, and uniform look (3 points)
  • Matching basing style (2 points)
  • Basic painting techniques: drybrushing, inking/washing, highlighting (3 points)
  • Advanced painting techniques: blending, non-metallic metal, freehands, weathering… (4 points)
  • Presentation tray: an army-themed tray to emphasize the overall look of your army (1 point)
  • Uniform movement trays for the whole army (1 point)

Max: 15 points


Artistic Rating

This more subjective method of awarding points will be carried out by two experienced painters who will both review every army and appoint the appropriate score. We are sure that this approach will give everybody the fairest possible result.

  • Coherence and overall look of the army, choice and agreement of shades and colors (5 points)
  • Creativity and originality of the theme (2 points)
  • Difficulty and richness of painting (3 points)
  • Conversions, sculpting, unit fillers, or elements that complement the theme of the army (5 points)

Max: 15 points


Total possible painting score: 30 points per army, 150 points per team!


Best Painted Army

Each team can nominate one of their team's armies to compete for "Best Painted Army." Out of these 24 nominees, the painting judges will select 10 armies. These 10 armies will then be presented during the lunch break on Sunday and will be voted on by all of you. Voting will be done through NewRecruit. Each nominated army will receive 5 extra points for the team's hobby score. The top 3 best-painted armies will receive 5/10/15 extra points (#3/#2/#1) for the team's hobby score.


Best Painted Team

The painting judges will determine the team with the best-painted armies in the tournament. The top 3 best-painted teams will receive 10/20/30 extra points (#3/#2/#1) for the team's hobby score.


Best Sportsmanship

Every player has a vote on NewRecruit to name a team worthy of the award for the best sportsmanship and fair play. The top 3 best sportsmanship teams will receive 10/15/25 extra points (#3/#2/#1) for the team's hobby score.



Overall, the maximum Hobby Score a team can achieve is 225 points:

150 points Painting Score

5 points Best Painted Army Nominee

30 points Best Painted Team

25 points Best Sportsmanship


Note: Achieving Hobby Scores of more than 120 points is pretty difficult; reaching the full 225 points is almost impossible. We expect teams that put a very serious effort into the hobby aspect of the event to be able to achieve between 150-170 points if things go well. This equals roughly 1/3 of the total score teams can achieve at the event.




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